DWU: Reimagine

DWU designed the look and feel of their latest general commercial spot. Steam made it happen utilizing a 12 frame-per-second vector animated character.

Sell Without Selling

Gary Vaynerchuk had a list of six tips of how to sell without selling. Focus on branding over sales. … Lose your ego around your craft. … Go “all in” on LinkedIn as a B2B marketing strategy. … Create more ads on social media. … Spend money on influencers – even if some of them … More Sell Without Selling

MBA Logo Work!

Made this fun MBA logo animation for John Mollison’s Mollison Brand Advocates in Sioux Falls, SD. Used After Effects and Illustrator to bring John’s print and web material to life. Rendered it at 60 frames-per-second to give it a hyper-smooth mesmerizing motion. (I’m a 24fps guy but I do make exceptions!) john@mba352.com

A New Start

Steam (Gavin) has upgraded and refocused. I want you to have successful companies and organizations… I’ve added eLearning module design and creations this year. Filled with video, audio, and interactivity to teach and present. Coloring and grading your footage is a primary service again – normally a per-clip charge. Steam’s address has changed to 1208 … More A New Start